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MNC Saturday Kitchen


Our online cooking club!
Every Saturday 11.30am – 12.30pm
on Zoom

Contact us to find out more and how to join.

Learn how to cook healthy and nutritious meals without breaking your budget.

We believe that leading a healthy lifestyle is the key factor in improving both mental and physical health.

Join MNC Saturday Kitchen to:

  • Cook healthy food
  • Eat together
  • Talk about physical and mental health in an accessible way

Improve your health and well-being using food

We will share recipes that are based on vegetable and plant foods, not all vegetarian. Learn how to turn single ingredients into tasty, delicious and nutritious meals. Find out more about whole foods, when to eat, how to eat and why different foods are good for you, or not so good.

These are the four corners in our Saturday Kitchen café

Good Food

Move for Fun

Sleep Well

Relax and Chill

Update March 2021
From Saturday 10th April MNC Saturday Kitchen will meet in the DG Den, beside the Green Centre in Dines Green, St Johns, Worcester WR2 5QS.

MNC Saturday Kitchen will then take place every Saturday from 11am – 3pm. We will cook and eat a healthy lunch together, talk about how to stay healthy and feel better every day.

Booking will be essential for each Saturday, as numbers will be limited during the period of coronavirus restrictions. £3 per person per session. Contact Us to book your place.

The DG Den is bright, spacious and very welcoming! There is a large kitchen and cheerful café for our exclusive use every Saturday.

If members, carers, support staff and parents are interested in the healthy eating and lifestyle route we will follow in MNC Saturday Kitchen, we can suggest this reading list.


Mainly we will be cooking with a wide variety of vegetables and plant foods, following tried and tested methods for improving health and well-being (including how to relax and reduce anxiety, moving and exercising more, and sleeping well), and working towards greater social connection.
We will never recommend any weight-loss diets.