Taking Control

Let’s Walk! Worcestershire

A Joint Community Project funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

The Big Question

How do we make the Worcestershire Countryside more accessible to people with learning disabilities and autistic people?

The Reason

Going for a walk is good for you!

Fresh air, looking at nature, losing yourself in your own thoughts, or enjoying the company of others, all bring wonderful benefits to our mental health and happiness. Many Monday Night Club members enjoyed our regular walks during Covid lockdowns, and all appreciated the improvements to their mental and physical health.

The Problem

People with learning disabilities and / or autism have many barriers to enjoying a walk in the countryside, including:

  • travelling independently
  • lack of support
  • understanding health and safety
  • sensory challenges
  • anxiety about new experiences

The Solution

Digital technology can help people with learning disabilities and / or autism to make the most of the many health benefits of walking in new and innovative ways.  

The Monday Night Club is working with Worcester-based, arts and digital media company, C&T, to create a collection of therapeutic, interactive walks, using mobile phones, to enable all of us to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking in Worcestershire. 

We will be joined by mental health and mindfulness experts to make sure the wonderful advantages of walking can be enjoyed by all.   

We need your help!

We want to hear about your experiences of walking in Worcestershire to help us create a collection of interactive walks around the county, using mobile phones to safely navigate the chosen routes. 
We need to know about the places you love – and the routes to avoid! 

  • Are you an expert by lived experience? 
    We want to hear from you! 
  • Are you a relative, or a carer, of a neurodiverse person? 
    We want to learn from your insights!
  • Do you support people with learning disabilities or autistic people? 
    Your experience is invaluable!
  • Have you some expertise to share about the benefits of walking? 
    Share it with us!
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Let’s Walk! Worcestershire is the first part of our 3-year project, Taking Control.
The project aim is to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and autistic people in Worcestershire. To encourage healthy lifestyles and improve both their mental and physical health.

This project is a Joint Community Project with C&T, applied theatre practitioners, and is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Watch our presentation to tell you more about the project.