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This is our mission for our Saturday walk this week! 
Let’s feed the Worcester swans. Some are sick and dying and the best way to help is to keep their strength up over the winter. 

More information> The Swan Food Project

Saturday 2nd January, 2021 11am – 12.30
Saturday 19th December, 2020 11am – 12.30

Meet in the car park behind HOW College on South Parade near the Fountains.
No need to bring any food – we will bring the correct swan pellets for you.

We will go for a takeaway coffee afterwards.
Contact us if you want to come. You must book a place.

The Big Christmas Swan Feed

Feed the swans!  Until 30th December

The Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Jo Hodges, has launched 2020’s Big Christmas Swan Feed. For the month of December 2020.

Make sure gulls don’t get there first by waiting until the swans gather, then drop the food close to the wall and into the spaces between them. Watch out for their heads coming up, and throw the food in front of them, into the water.